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1 September 2018

Welcome to my wife and I’s very first podcast!

The brief story behind what we’re up to is that whilst we were away on a family camping holiday at the ONE Event in Lincoln last month, Kathleen made her first radio appearance on the radio station I was working on, ONE Sound FM.

Kathleen’s parents over in the USA heard us and mentioned that we should do a podcast together.

Susan, Kathleen’s mum, came up with the name “Brit and Grits”, with grits being both a food in the Southern US states, and standing for “Girl Raised In The South”, which is what Kathleen is!

We started gathering ideas of what we could talk about and we got very excited!

The very first episode is us getting to share a bit about what we know about each other’s home cultures, whilst learning a bit more about each other.

It was recorded at our kitchen table, and our living/dining/kitchen room has very tall ceilings, hence the echos.

You can read a bit more about our aim of the podcast is over on our About page.

We’re on Facebook and Twitter, and our episodes will be available wherever you find your podcasts via Soundcloud.

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